Volunteer Training

Rahab's Sisters volunteers gathered at St. Michael and All Angels this evening to learn more about domestic violence and harm reduction.
Megan from Raphael House spoke about the services that Raphael House offers to women and children in domestic violent situations.  Their services include emergency shelter, a 24/7/365 emergency hot line (503-222-6222), youth programs, bus passes, clothing, school supplies, advocates to help folk work through and with the various governmental and private systems, creation of community, and much more.  Megan also included the Portland Woman's Crisis Line as an excellent source of assistance (503-235-5333), they also are available 24/7/365.  There are many volunteer opportunities available at Raphael House as well. 

Aviel from Multnomah County Health Department talked with us about Principles of Harm Reduction which includes the Needle Exchange Program that is available every Friday evening at Sts. Peter and Paul (8147 SE Pine) while the Rahab's Sisters drop in is open at the same location.  The Needle Exchange Program is also available at Sts. Peter and Paul Monday afternoons and Monday through Friday from 1 - 6pm at Outside In downtown.  To quote from the flyer Aviel supplied us with; "Syringe exchange is part of a comprehensive public health approach to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other blood-borne pathogens among injection drugs users, their families and the larger community."  The Needle Exchange Program offers new sterile syringes, clean works, wound care supplies, alcohol pads, sharps containers, condoms, risk reduction counseling and referrals.  They also offer classes such as safe injections, overdose prevention and Hepatitis C prevention.  The Needle Exhange Program also has volunteer opportunities available.

Thank you Megan and Aviel for presenting us with this information.