May 20 Events

14 women joined Rahab's Sisters volunteers the third Friday of May for personal supplies, conversation and a meal.  Thanks to donations of underwear at St. John's Milwaukie and Good Shepherd Vancouver there were plenty of undies to give away as well.

Meal team 3 brought a picnic to share with Rahab's Sisters visitors and volunteers.  There were hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, brownies, lemon cake and cookies.

Alexa, local dental hygienist with a history of volunteering with the vulnerable both locally and internationally, joined Team 3 offering advice on brushing, flossing and mouth health in general along with free toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste.  She also has a list of resources that provide dental care at low cost that she is sharing with our sisters.  The first persons to visit with Alexa were a couple of little kids that were fascinated with the set of teeth Alexa had available to demonstrate brushing techniques.  The kids showed Alexa their smiles and told her how they brushed their teeth.  Several women stopped by Alexa's table and talked with her over the course of the evening.  We are looking for this service to be a successful addition to the offerings of Rahab's Sisters.

July 15 is the next date for Alexa's services to be available.

Mother's Tea

Saturday, May 7th, about 90 persons gathered to benefit Rahab's Sisters and to celebrate Mother's Day.  Much visiting took place, as well as consumption of tea, savory finger food and sweet desserts.  Michelle Horgen provided musical accompaniment and Christopher & Banks provided the fashion show merchandise as well as a $50 gift certificate that was included in the raffle.  Over $1500 was raised either through admission, raffle ticket sales, purchase of auctioned items or gifts as well as several dozen pair of women's underwear.  What a blessing for Rahab's Sisters! 

The Fifth Friday Team

On April 29 a new Fifth Friday team made up of women from St. David of Wales and a few friends hosted an evening at Rahab's Sisters for the first time. Pat provided some of the most delicious chicken-noodle-vegetable soup we've EVER tasted; guests were asking for seconds and luckily there was plenty! Volunteers included Jen, McKel, Linda, Anna, and Emily, with [the other] Linda who served as guest team leader to help bring the new team up to speed and provide much-appreciated support. Some folks from Oregon Food Bank dropped off a few extra food items that were gratefully received. We had about 23 or 24 guests, most of whom came in the first hour and a half, leaving the volunteers a little break time to discuss the royal wedding and hat styles, etc., before one final hungry guest came to complete our evening.