Information Sharing

Volunteers were invited to attend either one or both meetings scheduled for June 2 and June 7 which were designed to explain what each group under the Rahab's Sister umbrella does and how they benefit each other and carry forward the ministry of serving women who are marginalized by poverty, violence, the sex trade etc.
Rahab's Sisters

The Rahab's Sisters umbrella covers Rahab's Sisters, Scarlet Cord, Our Mother's House and UpstARTpdx.  Each group gave an overview of how they came into being, what they do and what their needs are,      how they relate to  Rahab's Sisters and answered questions.   
Scarlet Cord

Our Mother's House
In addition to the very visible portions of the various ministries (hospitality on Friday evenings, visiting strip clubs and women on the street) the need for volunteers to assist with "back office" functions was described.  For example, assistance with Newsletters, keeping up the web page and Facebook, tracking In Kind donations, keeping the storage area neat and accessible,etc.

In general the consensus was that the information shared along with the ability to ask questions of the representative(s) of each group enabled a clearer understanding of why the groups have come together under Rahab's Sisters umbrella.