Volunteer Application

Thank you so much for your interest in Rahab's Sisters, a ministry of presence and hospitality to women working in the sex industry on 82nd Avenue and other areas of Portland's East Side, especially those who are impacted by the sex industry, substance abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness. We invite women to take a break in a warm, save place where they can have a meal and refreshment and find non-judgmental conversation and companionship.

We are named after Rahab the Harlot who, in the book of Joshua gave "friendly welcome" to those who would otherwise be on the streets and in danger. Like Rahab, we operate at the edge of the city. In our name we claim solidarity, not only with one another in providing this ministry, but also to offer radical hospitality to vulnerable and exploited women, for a few hours every Friday night. Our goal is to compassionately offer support to women, especially those who are impacted the sex industry, substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

In this ministry we hope to make as many supportive connections as we can with women who live violent, painful lives, women whose only relief from pain is the use of drugs and alcohol. We hear shocking stories and strive to respond in a manner that lets these women know they are welcome just as they are. We welcome volunteers who are able to listen without judgment, who are comfortable dealing with extremely marginalized, vulnerable people, and who don't have a need to "fix" either their life or their situation.

Volunteers are screened via this application, references, and an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. Upon receipt of the application, the Volunteer Coordinator will invite the applicant to visit Rahab's Sisters for a preview of the activities that take place each Friday evening and set an appointment with the applicant for training and orientation. At the conclusion of training the volunteer will be assigned to a Weekly Hospitality Team.

We have found this ministry rewarding to us and meaningful to those we serve. We are on an exciting and important journey, and we hope you will be able to join us.

The Rahab's Sisters Board of Directors

We ask that volunteers commit to serving with Rahab's Sisters for one year and attend occasional work-shops, training sessions, etc. that are offered by Rahab's Sisters to further the volunteer's knowledge and to support Rahab's Sisters guests.